Sunday, 13 February 2011

Paint, Partying and Prelims

Not posted in quite a while, this is due to the fact I have been incessantly busy. I have been trawling my way through a massive box of 15mm goodies that thave come into my possession. There was a whole range of stuff ranging from Ancient Greeks to the begginings of an African Dictator's army. My main focus has been some Carthaginians from museum minis. Cracking figures, if a little bigger than your adverage 15milers. Annnny waaay these guys are being based for DBA and I have some Polybian Romans already painted, you can see where this is going can't you... I'v been asked to run a club at the school, un-assisted, with hyper firsties who dont have models (other than 40k) and there is so much Stargrunt I can take (I'm not playing 40k) So im gonna throw DBA at them till i can build up both armies for DBM then we will thrash out the Battle of Zama ( I'm a Roman at heart hence its not Cannae...)

However this may be a long way away as painting has been fairly slow, I've now finished my Prelims however so painting should be up a little but due to my ability to talk to anyone (and people like to socialise with the Head Boyo :-p) most weekends recently and in the immediate future will be taken up with parties ect so the weekends are pretty much written off. To combat this I have sort of set out a painting plan to get X number of bases done a week depending on what else I have on. this way I am forcing myself to paint but not filling up all my free time.

The target for this week is 5 carthiginian spear, 3 roman spear and 2 Roman Cav. 46 models, over 5 nights, 9 ish per night I can do that. . .

Ill let you know how I get on . . .

Arrivederci for now,


Saturday, 29 January 2011

The To-Do List....

Well last night I sat down with the intention of making a inventory of all the figures I own and all those that still needed to be painted. this way I would be able to see for myself just how bad it really was.

 After several hours I thought: sod this.

So instead of a comprehensive list of my figure collection and their state of paint I have a list of what I have and in what scale.

Napoleonic French, I went mad about a year ago and bought Victrix’s 7 box deal and Foundry’s Grand Battery. Since then I have added a couple of boxes of Perrys and some command figures. So far most of the gunners painted, not many of the guns and a few infantry. . .

Early Imperial Romans, what can I say, I had money in my pocket and I was watching a Documentary. That coupled with Warlords superb figures meant I stood no chance. About 30 of 150 pained so far so I’m nowhere near fielding a Cohort in 1:4 like I planned.

American Civil War, Don’t ask what I was smoking when I decided I would start this period by myself. I have bought enough Rebs to play a fair game of Brother Against Brother but there isn’t much paint and no sight of the Yankies yet.

Warhammer, over the years I have ended up with some Empire dudes, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts and Orks. To be fair a good deal of them are painted but there isn’t an armys worth of anything.

Bloodbowl, a craze that rocked our club a few months back. Have still got ork and human team to go and a couple of dwarfs.

Sci-Fi, I ended up with a pile of odds and ends from a range of companies, I am slowly getting through them but I don’t really feel pressed to get them done .

Gondor, Dol Amroth, Lamedon ect, yup I’m a bit of an LoTR nut and I bat for Gondor on a rather extreme scale (pic to follow) I still have bout 50 straight up Gondorians to go and then a few of the fief lads to start.

Rohan, my “other one” hordes of them to go and I’m not feeling the need to paint them soon as I already have a “good” army. I should have taken orks as my second….

Only have Valliant’s Germans in this scale, Normady and Classic and enough armour to bring a tear to Gudarian’s eye. Classics had an unfortunate run in with army painter spray so are mainly a write off. Some of the Normandy ones are painted and painted well even if I say so myself but alas there is no demand for these any more at the Club so they are at the back of a drawer.

            Polybian Romans, DBA hit our club again and these were the guys I went for.    Still a whole DBA sized army to paint…
ACW, yes I know I should have finished the 28’s first but a few other guys have them in this scale and John Holts’, at Warrior, figures are excellent.

Colonials and Zulus, long story…..

More will be added to 15mm tomorrow….. It was a good deal ok, I  couldn’t say no. Honest.

ECW, this is one if was of the many scales I have ended up with piles of figures for and I’m not really sure why I went there. I Got them as a freebie at “Targe” my local wargames show over a year ago now. No interest in the scale. No interst in the period but ooo er minifigs’ 12’s are nice. So I ended up ordering two big DBR sized armies.

WW2 German’s, I have a lot of Pendraken’s wonderful models and lots of them painted but I don’t often find the motivation to paint the infantry. Hence the fact I have more tanks then foot solders painted.

WW2 Brit Para, one of those ones again: money in the pocket, “A Bridge Too Far” on the TV and Pendraken’s figures calling to me. Very little painted and I ended up buying a division worth of paras for BKC. The Germans are ready so there is not excuse not to paint them.

Italian Wars, A good idea at the time, a period that interested me, cheep figures, a scale that meant they could be churned out fast. However as I’m putting all sides together myself it feels like too big an investment just now when I have a hundred and one other things on the go and more pressing projects demanding my cash.

Dwarfs, there are a few other armies kicking about at the club and 10 is cheaper than 28 so it seemed like a good idea.

Napoleonic French, ‘fousands of them and very few with paint on them. One day I suppose.

Napoleonic Prussians, much more than the French painted but not by me and still a fair few unpainted.

Napoleonic Brits, Not many bought, not may painted and that’s likely how it will stay.

Battle of Britain, a few Me 1-oh-9s bought as were a few Spits and Hurris, various stages of painting.

Too small
To care
Full Thrust Light, a fair sized ESU Fleet but it needs lots of bits and bobs added.  

Napoleonic Ships, with the intention of doing Trafalgar on 1:1 I got some from a friend and added more. The British are all there but no French or Spaniards, plus only painted half a dozen or so.

WW2 ships, bought a small German Fleet. I looked at them and put them back in the bag where they sit still.

Uncharted Seas, small Dwarf Fleet. Got the starter fleet painted, added a few more and sorta gave up for a while.

Well there it is my wargaming life in just a few paragraphs. My mission is a difficult one: Paint everything I own in a certain scale before I buy ANYTHING else. The thinking behind this is if I’m in the 10mm mind set painting everything in 10mm should be easy.

We shall see....

Auf Wiedersehen for now,


a quick pic of "The French Box"


some of the gunzzzz


and i couldn't forget these guys...


and yes unfortunatly most of those sprues are untouched...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

First Post

Well here it is the blog you have all been waiting for.

Well ok maby not but you are taking the time to read it and that's a start I suppose :)

In the weeks and months that follow I will be giving you, yes you, a running commentary on what is going on in my life wargaming wise. From the best bargains of the bring and buys to the fool hardy leaps in to a period and scale I have no interest in I will "twitter" ( ha ha see what I did there) on about it here as well as giving a running total of how much I have bought and painted on a monthly basis. Hopefully this will serve as enough motivation to paint more and buy less as much as it will serve as a warning to others not to start down the slippery slope of becoming a wargaming magpie....

Auf Wiedersehen for now,