Sunday, 13 February 2011

Paint, Partying and Prelims

Not posted in quite a while, this is due to the fact I have been incessantly busy. I have been trawling my way through a massive box of 15mm goodies that thave come into my possession. There was a whole range of stuff ranging from Ancient Greeks to the begginings of an African Dictator's army. My main focus has been some Carthaginians from museum minis. Cracking figures, if a little bigger than your adverage 15milers. Annnny waaay these guys are being based for DBA and I have some Polybian Romans already painted, you can see where this is going can't you... I'v been asked to run a club at the school, un-assisted, with hyper firsties who dont have models (other than 40k) and there is so much Stargrunt I can take (I'm not playing 40k) So im gonna throw DBA at them till i can build up both armies for DBM then we will thrash out the Battle of Zama ( I'm a Roman at heart hence its not Cannae...)

However this may be a long way away as painting has been fairly slow, I've now finished my Prelims however so painting should be up a little but due to my ability to talk to anyone (and people like to socialise with the Head Boyo :-p) most weekends recently and in the immediate future will be taken up with parties ect so the weekends are pretty much written off. To combat this I have sort of set out a painting plan to get X number of bases done a week depending on what else I have on. this way I am forcing myself to paint but not filling up all my free time.

The target for this week is 5 carthiginian spear, 3 roman spear and 2 Roman Cav. 46 models, over 5 nights, 9 ish per night I can do that. . .

Ill let you know how I get on . . .

Arrivederci for now,



  1. Well that would be 46 models more than I am likely to get painted this week......

  2. And as it transpired it was 38 models more thank i could manage...

  3. Still 8 more than my output for the week